Executive Management

Patrick Tribbe
Erik Stewart
Executive Vice President
Linda Gallagher
Vice President, MHAS
LaNora Godfrey
Vice President, External Affairs
Jenny Heizman
Vice President, Administrative Services
Bryan Weng
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Services – President/CEO

Mission and System Leadership: Developing and leading a system of care that supports MHRSB mission and goals and meets stakeholder expectations. Identifying factors that enhance consumer value and integrating them into MHRSB mission and priorities. Establishing system-wide procedures that achieve compliance with all legal obligations, reporting requirements, and outcome expectations.

Funding and Budgeting: Planning budgetary and funding strategies that allow MHRSB to achieve its mission while achieving economies and efficiencies that evidence prudent management of tax dollars. Identifying and pursuing additional funding sources that meet MHRSB objectives.

MHRSB Performance: Organizing MHRSB staff and other resources consistent with priorities and resources. Monitoring organization at all levels for effectiveness and efficiency.

System Performance – Executive Vice President

System Performance: Monitors and analyzes performance of system providers and programs for consistency with MHRSB strategy.

Evaluation: Evaluating and reporting the impact of services for the Hamilton County system.

Client Recovery: Exploring and promoting innovative practices that facilitate recovery for Hamilton County consumers.

Information Systems: Planning, designing, and managing the various information systems and technology necessary to manage the business of the Hamilton County MHRSB.

Administrative Services – Vice President Administrative Services

Human Resources: Manages all phases of human resources activities including, workforce planning, regulatory compliance, performance management, policy development, compensation, and employee relations.

Facility and Office Management: coordinates building repair, maintenance, security, and space planning. Evaluates office production and makes recommendations to improve efficiency and work flow.

Public Records: develops and implements procedures for systematic retention, protection, retrieval, transfer, and disposal of records. Prepares responses to public records requests.

External Affairs – Vice President External Affairs

Provider Contracting and Monitoring: Developing, updating, monitoring, and managing all contracts related to HCMHRSB services.

Client Rights: Ensuring the integrity of the client rights system in Hamilton County.

Housing Capital Funds: Develop and write applications for OhioMhas and other capital/housing funds, and provide technical support for similar agency applications.

Claims Management: Collecting all consumer enrollment information and creating and maintaining electronic member files. Review of claims posted in SHARES and reported by manual invoice. Providing related technical support and assistance, including training to providers.

Finance – Chief Financial Officer

Accounting: Processing all financial transactions via Hamilton County’s Performance system (i.e., appropriations, encumbrances, receipts, and expenditures.

Financial Planning: Developing annual budgets and financial forecasts in line with priorities, economic changes, service needs, and expectations.

Financial Statements: Generating monthly cash basis financial statements and annual GAAP financial statements.

Financial Tracking: Monitoring financial results such as a) provider payments against contracted amounts; b) types of services delivered versus budgeted; c) monthly receipts and expenditures versus the budget, and d) actual results to the Levy Plan.

Mental Health and Addiction Services – Vice President MHAS

Program Planning: Directing the planning process for a comprehensive mental health and addiction system of care.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Consulting and coordinating with other system stakeholders regarding community issues such as the Hamilton County Response to the Opiate Epidemic, the Homeless Coalitions, Family Access to Integrated Recovery for Job and Family Service involved individuals and children, and administration of the Multi County-Systems Agency (MCSA).

Monitoring and Reporting: Coordinating project/program reporting. ( e.g., Ex-Offender Mini-grant, Forensic Monitor, PATH, and Family Centered Services and Supports FCSS). Monitoring initiatives such as MHAP, Keys to Health, Behavioral Health Juvenile Justice (BHJJ) project, as well as Drug Court, Mental Health Court and prevention services.

Grant Management and Grant Writing: Researching and developing grant opportunities to expand non-board funding for local services and programs (e.g., Drug Court Enhancement, Behavioral Health and Juvenile Justice BHJJ and Journey).

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