JOURNEY to Successful Living

JOURNEY to Successful Living (JOURNEY) is Hamilton County’s System of Care transformation program to strengthen services and supports for transitioned-aged youth and young adults with serious mental health challenges in their transition to adult services and self-sufficiency.  The core values are: Youth-driven, Family-guided, Individualized, Community-based, Evidence-based, and Culturally and Linguistically competent.

JOURNEY provides a network of providers that have implemented the following evidence-based interventions to address the unique needs of transitioned-aged youth, young Adults, and their families.


Assertive Community Treatment (ACT):This community-based, multidisciplinary approach provides treatment, rehabilitation and support services to persons with severe and persistent mental illness.  In the ACT approach, clients are managed by a multi-disciplinary team, providing services directly to an individual that are tailored to meet his or her specific needs.  Team members collaborate to deliver integrated services to individuals in their “natural living” settings instead of hospitals and clinics.
Lighthouse Youth Services
Admission Criteria
Ages 14-21. Potential to benefit from multi-disciplinary team approach
Transition to Independence Process (TIP):The TIP approach is an evidence-based program model that stresses the importance of engaging young adults in their own futures-planning process, and utilizing services that focus on each individual’s strengths.  The TIP system operates through seven guidelines that provide a framework for the program and a community system that supports that framework.
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (Ages 18-21) St. Joseph Orphanage (Ages 14-21).
Admission Criteria
Potential to benefit from a strength-based “coaching” model. Will work with youth age 17.5 for transition
Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT):The IDDT model is an evidence-based practice that improves the quality of life for youth and young adults with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders. This model of treatment is integrated within the team structure of the TIP model.
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
Admission Criteria
Ages 18-21, with co-occurring disorders
Enhanced Wraparound:Enhanced Wraparound is a care coordination model that is based in Wraparound philosophy, with emphasis on building successful transitions to adulthood and adult services.
Talbert House
Admission Criteria
Ages 14-21. Potential to benefit from a care coordination model; emphasis on child-family team and the changing role of “family” as youth transitions to adult services.
JOURNEY'S Eligibility/Admission Criteria
Youth or young adult is 14 -21 years of age, and a Hamilton County resident.
Youth or young adult must be involved or at risk for involvement in two or more of the following systems: mental health, substance abuse, child welfare, juvenile/adult criminal justice, developmental disabilities, education (has an IEP or 504 plan, or has documented functional challenges in school settings), vocational/employment (supported).
Youth is unable to function in the family, school or community, in a combination of these settings; or, the level of functioning is such that the youth requires multi-agency intervention.
Youth has a diagnosis of serious emotional disturbance (14-17 years of age) or young adult has a serious mental disorder (18-21 years of age), under DSM-IV or subsequent revisions.
Youth’s disability has existed for at least one (1) year or, on the basis of diagnosis, severity or multi-agency intervention, is expected to last more than one (1) year.
JOURNEY'S Referral Procedure
There are two points of entry to JOURNEY services. Referrals may be directed to MHAP (513-558-8888) for review and connection to services or directly to the service provider.
A completed referral packet for youth or young adult currently active in mental health services shall be faxed to MHAP at 513-558-3100 or sent by encrypted email to mhapreferral@centralclinic.orgThe Hamilton County Integrated Referral Form can be accessed by calling MHAP at 513-558-8888.
Referrals for youth or young adult with no active mental health involvement should be directed to MHAP for diagnostic assessment.
Referral packet includes:
  • Hamilton County Integrated Referral Form AND,
  • Current Diagnostic Assessment Form (DAF)/Addendum (within past 12 months for youth or young adult currently active in services) AND
  • A current Individualized Service Plan (ISP)
Referrals must be typed.
Additional information may be requested to determine appropriate services.
Incomplete referral packet may delay timely connection to services.