Client Rights, Community Resources & Tools

Peer Operated Services

The MHRSB funds three consumer-operated agencies/programs that offer classes, activities, and support focused on personal growth, skill development, peer support, employment, physical fitness, and self-advocacy.

At the Recovery Center of Hamilton County (RCHC), members learn about and experience recovery from mental illness and/or substance abuse.  The RCHC is operated by consumers for consumers who are ready to advance in their recovery.  The RCHC offers services/activities in three primary areas: self-help/support, education/vocation, and community outreach/integration.

In addition to being structured and goal driven, the RCHC is viewed as a stepping-stone to full integration into community living.  A primary goal of the RCHC is to help consumers’ perceptions of themselves shift from that of being “mentally ill” to that of being an individual who happens to have a mental illness.  As such, members are encouraged to take classes that meet their needs/interests, become active in their communities, and develop/expand their network of natural supports.

2347 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

The Mighty Vine Wellness Club, Inc. is a consumer operated business owned by IKRON Rehabilitation Center. The mission of Mighty Vine is “to provide readily accessible and affordable exercise and wellness activities to mental health consumers in a beautifully designed and well equipped environment.” Mighty Vine encourages individual and group interactions that are conducted by consumers for the purpose of providing emotional support and understanding, sharing experiences to cope with problems and developing a network that provides on-going support outside the formal mental health service system. The club offers the following services:

  • TV, VCR, radio and exercise tapes
  • Treadmills
  • Ergometer bicycles
  • REFLEX resistance machines for upper and lower body
  • Equipment for outdoor recreational use
  • Individualized exercise programs
  • Group aerobic classes
  • Educational presentations on health, fitness and diet
2347 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH 45219

The WARMLINE (931-WARM) provides an understanding voice for consumers from trained consumers. It reduces the burden on case managers, professional crisis lines and on other community resources by providing a safe place for consumers who are not in crisis to receive information and support.

Consumers may call the line 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The WARMLINE received more than 25,000 calls in 2016. Before the WARMLINE existed, many of these calls would instead have gone to agency case managers or professional crisis lines.

Vocational Resources for Clients of HCMHRSB Funded Services

The MHRSB funds a full array of employment and vocational support services to clients receiving mental health and/or addicton treatment. Vocational services focus on assisting clients with identifying, obtaining or maintaining employment based on his/her choices and abilities. Employment services focuse on job placement, on-the-job training and support, and coordination with other behavioral health services. If the client desires, the employment program may also provide support to employees. Here is a more detailed description of services offered:

Job Exploration

Service helps individuals prepare for entry or re-entry into employment.  Staff walk clients through the process, step-by-step—from helping them figure out what kind of work they want to do, to understanding how earning wages will impact benefits, to coming up with a plan for transportation, to helping them build the skills they need to thrive on the job.

Job Development & Job Search

Using an individualized, community based approach, focusing on networking and marketing to potential employers, job Development services help individuals gain employment.

Services include job opportunity search, resume and work references development, and assistance with completing applications.  The program helps clients address potential barriers, such as breaks in employment history, criminal convictions, and need for reasonable accommodations, while also preparing for interviews, through coaching and mock interview exercises.

Job Coaching & Employment Supports

The Job Coaching services, help clients adjust to their new worksite, whether it means on-the-job support or at an off-site location.  Job Coaches help clients learn job tasks, understand workplace culture, manage work relationships, develop natural and peer supports, handle stress, and develop self-advocacy skills through role playing.

Client Rights

The HCMHRSB provides a variety of support and advocacy services for clients including providing assistance to resolve complaints and grievances, peer support, and supported employment.

Ohio law and regulations assure individuals receiving public mental health or addiction services have rights.  To learn more about rights and grievance procedures, visit the client rights page.

Understand your rights as a client