Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board

Employee Directory

Diane J. Brooks
Contract Specialist
Sara Dooley
Special Projects Coordinator
Anna Dowell
Chief Financial Officer
Linda Gallagher
Vice President, Mental Health and Addiction Services
Donna Godfrey
Administrative Assistant (PT)
LaNora I. Godfrey
Vice President, External Affairs
Jenny Heizman
Vice President, Administrative Services
Amy Johnson
Business System Analyst
Renee Kopache
Coordinator of Wellness Management
Ann Kuhn
Administrative Assistant
Kay Lyles
Administrative Assistant
Rochelle Render
MACSIS Specialist
Evelyn Sears
Coordinator of Community Education/Technical Assistance
Chevelle Sizemore
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Erik Stewart, PhD
Executive Vice President
Carrie Stoudemire
Special Projects Coordinator
Connie Stuebing
Administrative Assistant
Sherrie Thomas-Woodside
Executive Assistant
Michelle Wuebben
Financial Analyst
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