Ohio Opioid Settlement Information

Where Does Ohio Opioid Settlement Money Go?  

55% to OneOhio Recovery Foundation: A private 501©(3) non-profit foundation to develop and oversee the funding of short-term and long-term planning and supports that local communities need to continue to address this crisis.

30% to Ohio Local Governments: To townships, villages, cities and counties in Ohio to support community recovery and address the immediate needs of residents. These direct payments are separate and distinct from those managed by the Foundation.

15% to the State of Ohio: to be used to leverage statewide buying power to offer prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.

OneOhio Recovery Foundation Grant Information

Helpful Resources — OneOhio Recovery Foundation (oneohiofoundation.com)

Grant Headquarters — OneOhio Recovery Foundation (oneohiofoundation.com)

OneOhio Grant Toolkit – FAQ (squarespace.com)

Your Voice in Ohio’s Opioid Settlement

Friends of OneOhio is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to ensuring that Ohio’s opioid settlement funds are spent wisely and that the impacted population is involved in decision-making.  Click here to join.

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