The Addiction Services Council acknowledges that addiction is preventable. As a primary provider of prevention services in the greater Cincinnati area, ASC prevention efforts reach over 30,000 people annually. The Addiction Services Council programs have received local and national recognition, are research based and regularly evaluated.

The HIV Early Prevention and Intervention Project is a collaborative service of CCHB and the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center. EPIP staff outreaches to, educates and supports indigenous community members, consumers and staff of mainstream, community based and grassroots organizations on the issues of HIV/AIDS prevention.

The Drug and Poison Information Center works to provide important prevention information, educational materials, first-aid information, common household hazards and references to national helpline organizations and agencies.

The Adolescent Prevention program is based on the premise that early intervention may prevent more serious social adjustment problems. This program aims to prevent substance abuse, substance related disorders, and other behavioral problems that place families and children at risk. The prevention setting is at community sites.

The GLAD House Champs Program is targeted to the crucial age range of 5-12, hoping to intervene before the first use of alcohol or drug can occur.

PreventionFirst offers services such as the Coalition Evaluation Center, paper survey and scanning, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training program, Prevention Education Sessions, and Group Facilitation.

Talbert House offers school and community based prevention services on topics including coping skills, anger and conflict management, behavioral problems, child abuse and neglect, depression, drug-free lifestyles, family violence, grief/loss, relationships, mental health education, parenting skills, stress, suicide, and substance use.

UMADAOP provides substance abuse prevention services for youth & adults, substance abuse education services for youth & adults, professional prevention education series, and community awareness.