Court Services

MHRSB partners with multiple community providers and the court system to provide the following specialized dockets that are certified through the Ohio Supreme Court.  Specialty Courts allow individuals to receive community treatment while simultaneously being court monitored. In regard to Felony Cases, eligible individuals can participate in community treatment in lieu of prison.

Hamilton County Drug Court - ADAPT

ADAPT (Drug Court Services Alcohol & Drug Addiction Partnership for Treatment) is a partnership between the Hamilton County Drug Court, the Central Community Health Board of Hamilton County, Inc. (CCHB), Talbert House, and other community treatment providers. As the primary treatment providers for the Drug Court of Hamilton County, the ADAPT for Men/Women (Talbert House) and ADAPT Outpatient (CCHB) programs provide a substance abuse treatment continuum for non-violent felony drug offenders as an alternative to conviction and/or incarceration.

Drug Court Services (ADAPT) provides a comprehensive treatment program designed to serve drug and alcohol addicted men and women who have felony drug-driven offenses. The continuum includes assessment (two weeks), inpatient residential (up to 90 days), and intensive outpatient and continuing care. The duration of the full continuum averages 15 months. Services include chemical dependency education and treatment, criminality/ behavior modification, frequent and random drug testing, vocational/ educational services, family and trauma counseling and a variety of ancillary services. For more information or to make a referral, call 513-872-8870.

The Court Clinic provides evaluation and treatment services for those involved in the criminal justice system. This includes in-depth assessments and treatment of mental health and/or addiction issues.

Civil Commitment is a legal process for a probate court to order a person into treatment for their mental illness. It is sometimes also called “court ordered treatment,” “involuntary commitment,” or even “being probated.” This treatment can be in a hospital (“inpatient treatment”) or in the community (“outpatient treatment”). For additional information, view the Disability Right Ohio guide “Civil Commitment: Understanding Your Rights”.